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Steve Diaz

Chief Operating Officer, Project Josiah and
Program Manager, Hidden Wounds

Steve Diaz joined the United States Marine Corps in 2005 and was later stationed in Okinawa, Japan. While in Japan he then volunteered with a military police unit out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to go to Iraq where he was severely injured by an IED.

Overcome with a sense of survivor’s guilt after his good friend Marine Corporal Joshua Scott Blankenship took his own life, Diaz stepped up his efforts with Hidden Wounds accepting the role of Director of Strategic Partnerships half a year past the conception of the organization.

With Hidden Wounds, he helps to create a network of psychological support so that service members and their families may find someone who can relate and understands the urgency of treatment, professional peer to peer support, and other holistic treatment methods.

Project Josiah: (888) 449-4376

(803) 403-8460

Steve Diaz
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