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The Raw Stories of Men and Women of Valor
(formerly Hidden Wounds)


Resilience - The Documentary (formerly Hidden Wounds)

Our WHY – it is imperative as a community, to demystify the reality of the great transition and shed light on the true military and veteran experience.  We want to debunk stereotypes of the broken Veteran and highlight the “authentic hero” in action after they serve.

We are in production now and have conducted close to 50 life changing interviews - we have a sense of urgency to support and empower our nations’ heroes and highlight real solutions to those who are empowered and to inspire others to become  empowered.  

We have also listened to Veteran stories of triumph through tremendous adversity.  This film was formerly named “Hidden Wounds” because Hidden Wounds is NOT the whole story. 

The Veteran stories we filmed all shared a common thread of resilience. This caused deep reflection in how we wanted to portray Veterans.  We interviewed people who were or are still a bit impacted by adversity, but in the midst, are drastically changing their course.  Their military experience indubitably gave them fortitude - it is ingrained, a true strength immeasurable. The title change is fitting. 

Through our film RESILIENCE, we aim to reach 10 million Veterans and their families with this message. 


POVAT - Project One Vet at a Time-is a charitable organization focusing on the legal and medical support of referred Veterans who are attempting to navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs disability programs.

Awareness 22 provides light and hope in the storm to Veterans and their families. They provide necessary resources that are vital, from funds to bridge the gap to emotional and spiritual help.

Provides a safe venue for Combat Veterans to establish comradeship, share combat experiences, alleviate internal pain from combat, and an open protective environment for Combat Veterans to verbalize any issue weighing heavy on their hearts with other Combat Veterans. Partnered with Hidden Wounds.

The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation is committed to providing reoccurring annual programs, emergent/emergency support to our teammates past & present, as well as perpetuating the rich history, lineage and traditions of the Reconnaissance community. 

A beautiful Veteran family team, Heroic Gardens helps Veterans by creating healing gardens. Heroic Gardens will be featured on Operation Hidden Treasures, a Discover Channel/American Heroes Channel reality show.


Led by an active-duty naval commander, this team is on a mission to mend the heart by creating expeditions for our warriors in the beautiful forests of California to the mountains of Tennessee.


The Barbara Giordano Foundation, Inc. has a mission committed to providing women veterans with holistic wellness tools that address the unique challenges they face after transitioning from military service. The organization focuses exclusively on the 2 million Veteran women who have kept us safe for decades.

A boots-on-the-ground approach, dedicated to assisting Veterans and their families with EVERY need. Project Refit believes combating isolation by building the community of the future will reduce suicide rates among the military and first responder communities.


The mission of Freedom Sings USA is to help veterans, military personnel, and their families throughout the country reach emotional balance by telling their stories through the creative process of songwriting.


Our Timeline literally depends on our supporters. What constitutes "Normal" and getting back to it have one element in common -The Journey - to begin the journey can be an insurmountable task. One may never want to take that first step out of fear of being stigmatized or fear of the unknown. Nonetheless the Journey is so worth it when you come to the other side... ​ ​22% of all proceeds earned from documentary sales and awards will go back to nonprofits featured in the film after all production expenses are paid.

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