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Kevin Van Hoosier


Kevin was born and raised in Sycamore and was a 1992 graduate of Mohawk High School. Joining the U.S. Army after graduation, Kevin started off as a mechanic and platoon sergeant on an Apache helicopter before going to flight school where he flew a CH-47. He said he had an incident in Iraq and went to logistics and retired out of U.S. Army Central as a chief warrant officer 4.

Kevin served from February 1993 to April 2013, and in that span he went to Bosnia three times, Iraq once and Afghanistan twice, accruing about 6 1/2 years of combat time.

After becoming an inpatient at a hospital about 12 or 13 different times after he got back from Afghanistan and he had one good friend, Brian Halm, who he met at the hospital. Halm designed the logos for Awareness 22. By bringing awareness to PTSD, they can make the topic not taboo and safer so people can talk about it.

(803) 608-0058

Kevin Van Hoosier
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