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David Goodman


David’s longtime dream has been to be an actor. He discovered this dream while in the 6th grade watching a Black History Month Performance. He went on to perform in many plays, however, immediately after graduating high school, he had to put his dream on hold and go into the workforce to support his family. It took some time, but 9 years later, he was able to enroll in classes at Freedom Theatre and began actively training and pursuing his career as a professional actor. In 1994, David joined the Screen Actors Guild and has been performing since. He’s appeared in TV, Film and in local and national commercials. A large part of his work is acting in corporate videos for insurance, financial and pharmaceutical companies. He also does a good amount of print work for magazines, brochures, and billboards. Recently, David has crossed over to behind the camera, bringing with him all the experience from his 26year career as an actor and established Humanity Pictures, LLC.

Both of David’s grandparents served in the military. His wife’s uncle served as well, and it was from seeing how challenging it was for him to get good care that the issue about the care of veterans became real. Many of the veteran facilities struggled to provide the kind of care worthy of their sacrifice. So, when he was approached by Nicole to help with the Hidden Wound project, it was a no-brainer. He established his production company because of his love to hear and “Tell Life’s Stories.” And what better stories to tell than that of these precious veterans. David is proud to be part of the Hidden Wounds project, and is inspired by all the dedicated people involved, and looks forward to bringing life to the stories of these amazing veterans.

(609) 315-5815

David Goodman
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